Hello i want to create a horizontal menu divided equally in 4 same width parts. I don't want its width to change. Any ideas?

Something like this https://jsfiddle.net/simonioa/t6vqqva2/ but not with <span> elements. Menu should have 4 colors horizontally but would not have to change acoording to html content. I dont know how else to explain it

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No, not something like that. I dont think that its possible to do what i want. I dont the top bar to be according to html content (<li> <span> or what ever). I just want a the top bar to be 4 colored set by width:25% each.


but that is truly horrible :D

@Diafol - What?!? Don't you like the pick of my colour scheme??? Man, that's the latest trend what's called brutalist web design! :-)

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He he. I almost blew chunks through my derriere I was so offended :D
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