Nw use index.php file t lgin.
If an errr ccurs that “Multiple lgins nt allwed” then run errr.php and
try again.
2.  Nw yu will see the Accunt Details f Admin.
3.  Fllwing ptins are available in the interface:
My accunt: T view the accunt details f the user wh has lgged in.
Lgut: T lgut frm the current user.
View Details: T search patient details using Name r Patient ID and an advanced search ptin can als be used t search via Age,Bld Grup, Gender r Accmpanies’ Name.
Accmpanies: T search Accmpanying persn f a patient using Patient Name r Patient ID.
1.Mdify Details: T mdify Patient Details using Patient ID.
2.Delete Details: T delete Patient Details using Patient ID.
3.Add new Details: T Add Details f a new Patient. Patient ID will be autmatically generated starting frm “P”.
4.Add Accmpanies: T Add Details f Accmpanying Persn f a Patient.
5.Allt Dctr t a Patient: T Assign Dctr t a Patient entering Patient ID, Dctr ID and Date.
1.Dctrs: T view details f all the Dctrs in the Hspital.
2.Medical Staff: T view details f entire Medical Staff f the Hspital.
3.Administratin: T view details f Administrative Staff f the Hspital.
4.Mdify Details: T mdify Emplyee Details using Emplyee ID.
5.Delete Details: T mdify Emplyee Details using Emplyee ID.
6.Add New Details: T Add Details f new Emplyee.Department-wise new Emplyee IDs will be generated.
Medical Reprt (Billing):
1.Create Reprt: Create a new Medical Reprt f Patient f a particular Department. New Reprt ID will be generated starting frm “R”.
2.View Reprt: T search Reprt using Reprt ID.
3.Mdify Reprt: T Mdify existing Reprt using Reprt ID.
4.Add Clsing Date: T Add Clsing date f a Reprt using Reprt ID.
5.Delete Reprt: T delete an existing Reprt using Reprt ID r Patient Name.
1.View Tests: T view Tests dne n a particular Reprt using Reprt ID.
2.Add Tests: T Add a new Test t an existing Reprt.
3.Add Result: T Add Result t an existing Test.
4.Delete Test: T delete a Test under particular Reprt using Reprt ID.
1.View Departments: T view Details f all existing Departments.
2.Add Department: T Add a new Department Details.
3.Mdify Department: T mdify Department Details using Department N.
4.Delete Department: T Delete a Department using Department N.
Vehicle Details:
Search a Vehicle: T search a Vehicle using Type r Registratin N.
Add a Vehicle: T Add details f a new Vehicle. Vehicle Number will be generated starting frm “V”.
Discard a Vehicle: T discard a vehicle using Vehicle Registratin N.
Allt a vehicle: T allt a Vehicle t a Patient.
Alltment Details: T view Alltment Details f a Vehicle using Registratin N. r Type. Un-allt a Vehicle: T un-allt a Vehicle frm a patient using Registratin N.
Rm Details:
Search Rm: T search details f rm using Type r Rm ID.
Add Rm: T add a new Rm t Database. Rm ID will be generated starting frm “Z”.            
    Discard Rm: T Discard a rm frm Database using Rm N. r Type.
Allt a Rm: T Allt a rm t particular Patient.
Alltment Details: T view Alltment Details f rms using Type r Rm ID.
Allt Medical Staff Duties: T Allt duties t medical staff fr a particular Rm.
View Medical Staff Duties: T view details Medical Staff Duties using Rm n.
Un-allt a Rm: T un-allt a rm using Rm ID.       
[free dwnlad
](      https://goo.gl/aZN94n)
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I don't know what to write here. Either you left out some code or this is amazing that such a system fits in 58 lines of code.

Next time, tell a little more such as what hospitals have deployed your system.

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