How can I showing up a report file (*.rpt) from crystal report into a web browser with PHP, I'm already used this code :

$cr=new com("Crystal.CRPE.Application") or die("cannot load cr com");

but there was'nt happen any thing, it just a blank page comes up
could any one give me some help , please ???

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sorry, what I mean here is I need the code that will show up the report file from crystal report in a browser, and maybe the code on my first topic its only able to open up the report file and not able to show up the report in a browser, please could do anyone give me a favor, helllllp !!!!


I got the same problem to, any one can help????

we have the same problem because i'm developing a web base information system using php language and i want crystal report to be my report application to be use.. and the problem is how can i use it in a code.. please.. help me.. how can i embed crystal report in php


i think you need to by pass crystal report and directly generate the pdf file to embed in your applications........there are already many pdf class available

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