I haver an IIS server with an mvc 5 app im developing and i have had no luck so far getting the windows authentication working with my app, i have it set to windows authenication but the app will only auto login users when accessed from the server. Then once you click logout it will prompt you for a username and password which is right and log you in accordingly, good so far, but then when you go to log out of that user you are not prompted but just reset back to the default local user of the computer which is NOT what i need.

I want the user to have to login to access the app, then when they click logout they are met with a log in screen, an di want the username and password to be the useranem and password one would you to access the current network they are on. So far i have only part of this but it isnt right. I believe the error code the login is returning is the whole reason im even able to switch users to begin with because it takes you to the error page no matter if you are a user or not, this is definitly wrong.

Is there additional code i need to put in for my account controller to be able to prompt for a windows login correctly without this mess i have.

If any code is needed ill glad post, just really looking for any resources that could lead me to the answer im seeking at the moment.

thanks a bunch!

Minor mispellings and typos mean I might not get what is happening here.

One of the Microsoft "things" also known as an overriding concept (some will write it's overreaching) is Single Signon. This means when I sign onto my PC then if all is setup right I don't need to sign on again for a Microsoft server or resource.

But that may or may not be what's going on here. But the small typos mean I may not understand what you are seeing.

Tell more.