Need Help to create Gmail style realtime chat app for my website. I found server for realtime chat here
(I will go for ejabberd or Openfire or which one should I choose?)


  1. send & receive chat request
  2. accept or reject request
  3. show sent/pending chat request
  4. pop up chat window if someone sends message
  5. status indicator available/away/Invisible
  6. typing indicator
  7. send & receive message
  8. message read confirmation (Both ways)

database realtime_chat

table users

first_name          VARCHAR(255)
last_name           VARCHAR(255)
email               VARCHAR(255)        //this is login id
password            VARCHAR(255)

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Thanks for reply.

List of softwares is here

I found this useful

followed the steps, but there is problem, BOSH Server is not reachable on localhost.
I used openfire. There was problem while installing openfire. manually created admin account in mysql. Then after server started working.

BOSH Server is reachable here

My working directory is, http://localhost/XmppRTChat

How to make BOSH Server reachable?

can you help me please with this sript? Or should I choose other s/w or script???

I don't own your setup so I can't see why something is not reachable. The most common reason I find failures is firewalls. To that I constantly am amazed at how often this is the cause. Since I didn't install or configure your network or server, I can't tell you where it broke.

htdocs\XmppRTChat\ => This is my working directory

http://localhost/XmppRTChat => This is localhost link

I have installed Openfire on C drive. I'm accessing This script from htdocs\XmppRTChat\ directory

Where should I install Open fire C drive default location or inside htdocs\XmppRTChat\

Can anybody help me to create xmpp chat client from scratch using php/mysql/javascript/jquery???

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