I am trying to create an upload picture pop up but how?

So when someone click the following button:

  <button type="button">Add background</button><br><br> 

An upload picture pop up appearing.

How to create such a thing?

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This seems like overkill. This is an additional click? Anyhow employ any modal form. You can use jqueryui or any other framework or library e.g bootstrap.

any web link for this? I do not know how to make it.

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Jqueryui or bootstrap and go to modal forms

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Google search gave this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/dave_wilton/a3gyq/5/

Not necesaarily the best or appropriate - just showing that searching for this yourself is do-able.

Looks like I am having a little problem.

Looks like this code does not work on my laravel framework, so that I cannot move my pop-up. I wonder what's lacking ?


       handle: ".modal-header"

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Have you included all the external files in the fiddle?

Is that bootstrap included feature? --> modal <--

I just heard it.