Hello, i want to cache embedded urls -YouTube, Vimeo- photos and videos so that i could reduce bandwidth usage and server load for my website. How can i help my website to do that? I know that browsers cache information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_cache. Is there something i can to do to make it perform better - i mean by cache?

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Embedded contens like YouTube and Vimeo are served by them directly to the client, your page just sends the resource link, then the client opens a connection to the resource. You can see this through the developer console in Chrome: select the Network tab, hit reload for your page and see how the browser start to request data do different domains.

This means that your website bandwidth is not affected by these streams. It would if the video file was hosted and streamed by your server. Or if it was streamed as a proxy system from your web server to the clients connecting to your domain, an example:

It's the same with Google fonts or javascript libraries served by CDN systems.

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Good explanation of how things work.
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