I've noticed the last couple of weeks that a hard-refresh won't clear the cache anymore in Chrome... well to me and two clients of mine (we're all on a Mac by the way). Not sure either if there was an update to Chrome recently which might cause this now.

Did anyone else noticed this as well? I work with my developer tools always open, so my cache is disabled by default, but asking my clients to open developer tools before refreshig the page, I'd rather avoid :)

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I'm going with yes, something is up (or down.)

Test like this: Open an incognito windows then Ctrl-F5 in your normal window and see if it shows different results from an Incognito window,

I haven't dug into this but on another forum, I hit the link, no update. Hit it again and a 404, hit it again and the content shows up. Next time I'm going to have to try the Incognito test.

Wether or not an incongnito window will clear the cache with cmd-R (mac) or Ctrl-f5 (windows) it used to work within a 'normal' window before too. I'm just baffled why it doesn't anymore.

I usually do a clear with CTRL-SHIFT-DEL. What happens when you try that?

I usually do a clear with CTRL-SHIFT-DEL. What happens when you try that?

I'm on a Mac, so I can't try that out now. I'm not even sure if Chrome on Windows has this issue too.

@gentle. Is there a site we can test this for you? The site I see it only does it under certain conditions and it may be site specific. But my bet is something's up both site and Chrome.

I have it with all the sites I work on at the moment which are 5 in total. Changes to my CSS won't appear anymore with a hard-refresh unless I clear the cache manually or when I have developer tools open which has cache disabled by default.
A friend of mine (also on a Mac) updates her portdolio site through a CMS and has now the same issue too in Chrome.

Since no clues are showing up, I wonder, could be a CDN caching the content? I mean you tried the incognito and now it's spread to other computers.

A hard-refresh in incognito window doesn't update my CSS too. And I didn't spread it to other computers :) Others (2 clients and a friend) on a Mac have it too with Chrome, so I'm sure it's not somethig with my system, but with Chrome on the Mac somehow. Anyways... I will report an issue at Chrome I guess.

From the web:

Chrome changed css cache behavior. Ctrl + R will do it.
On OS X: ⌘ + R

I've Googled high and low, but couldn't find an answer yet. What you've found was already the case for OS X, but now CMD (⌘) + R doesn't change the CSS or new images.

Ok, I've googled with some other keywords and i found out that there is also a SHIFT-CMD-R to reload the page and this will (still) clear the cache. Not sure why CMD-R isn't enough anymore, but who cares :)
Jim was close with his Windows version (Ctrl-SHIFT-DEL) of it I guess.

Why does this remind me of the Chromega III wristwatch? "It's like asking a stranger for the time!"
I didn't have an Apple handy to try this out.

Thanks Jim.

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