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Hello from Singapore..
I am Naomi...
I would appreciate it much if any of you could let me know the cost comparison beside SharePoint VS FTP , also SP cloud VS SP premises...

For SharePoint, premises may be good based on advantage of unlimited users vs per user charge over cloud server. Premises version also allow us to proliferate to our other subsidiaries more easily.

Although cloud server enable us to have latest SharePoint revision, sometimes new revision can pose more problem, especially SharePoint has been notorious in removing features in their new revision release.

Will be good if $ can be attached to following items for comparison.

  1. SharePoint premises
    • need to have our own hardware server and backup utility: $x [big money here]
    • need to purchase our own SharePoint software: $x

    • user charge: $0 (unlimited users allocation after above hardware and software are setup)
  2. SharePoint cloud
    • hardware cost: $0
    • user charge: likely will choose the 2nd Option you’ve provided [i.e. $10/user/month, unlimited OneDrive storage for subscriptions of five or more users].
    For Engineer Portal at each site, can allocate 2 to 3 users as a start. Also some users may be able to share login account.

  3. FTP cloud
    • hardware cost: $0
    • user charge: $x/user/month

So far in comparison, SharePoint platform is more suitable vs FTP platform in terms of documents and records management.
In terms of risk, item (2) and (3) are much lower vs item (1) as monthly subscription can be cancelled more easily if later find selected platform not suitable for Engineering Portal.

I am looking at <10 users having access to SP and it's for internal usage...

I would appreciate greatly to any reply!