Hi, i want to sort divs alphabetically both asc and desc. I am using a dropdown list created by using bootstrap:

<div class="btn-group">
    <a href="#" data-target="dropdown-menu" class="btn btn-default btn-block dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">
    Sort By
    <span class="caret"></span>
    <ul class="dropdown-menu" style="width: 100%;">
       <li><a href="#" class="nameAsc">Name: A to Z</a></li>
       <li><a href="#" class="nameDes">Name: Z to A</a></li>
       <li><a href="#" class="priceAsc">Price: Low to High</a></li>
       <li><a href="#" class="priceDes">Price: High to Low</a></li>

and my divs i want to sort are populated with data from database:

<div class="gallery_product col-lg-4 col-md-4 col-sm-4 col-xs-6 filter">
   <a href="products_details.php?pid=<?php echo $row['fld_product_id']; ?>" class="btn btn-warning btn-xs" role="button"><img src="products/<?php echo $row['fld_product_img'] ?>" class="img-responsive"></a>
   <p class="product-name"><?php echo $row['fld_product_name'] ?></p>
   <p class="product-price">RM <?php echo $row['fld_product_price'] ?></p>

Im kind of confused on how to go about it. because i want to sort the div but it needs to find the product name in <p> which is in the div. how would it find the name so it can sort?

     var $name = $(".product-name");
     var $divToSort = $(".gallery_product");

     var $sort = $divToSort.sort(function(a, b){
            //what goes in here?

Also insert the name and the price from your database in data attributes. Something like this:

<p class="product-name" data-name="<?php echo $row['fld_product_name'] ?>"><?php echo $row['fld_product_name'] ?></p>
<p class="product-price" data-price="<?php echo $row['fld_product_price'] ?>">RM <?php echo $row['fld_product_price'] ?></p>

BUT... you will need to replace the white spaces with dashes and convert to lowercase, before you insert them into your data attributes.

Or you could do this is also within your jquery function.

Now you can sort based on the values of the data attributes.

Here's an example for price:

For alphabetical sorting there are probably also examples to find.

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