I don't even know if I worded my question correctly, but here's what I have and here's what I'd like:

I use an attendance app to track my basketball workout classes, and then I show the results on my site here.

To achieve this, I send the csv provided by the app to my email, I click on the attachment to eventually add it to my FileZilla server, which then sends the info into a google doc that separates the data through a couple of sheets to provide an iFrame of the end result.

I don't mind the steps, as it's better than the copy/paste I used to do, but I would love for the results to be a lost more visually stunning, not in an iFrame, and perhaps interactive.

I've read about jquery highcharts and have seen some really cool 3d effects, and I've also seen programs meant to parse or convert. But I don't even know where to start to implement any of that.

I'd like for those within my program to be able to go to the attendance page and see a dazzling list of names that can be sorted by teams, and a graph that shows their progress compared to our ultimate goal of 2,000 events when any player's name is clicked on.

Is that even possible? Thanks for any help/direction you're able to provide.

Are you looking for something that can parse and convert your CSV file automatically or are you happy doing the coding yourself i.e. writing the code for highcharts?
If the former, then your options maybe limited. If the latter, then, sure, you can style the heck out of it and come up with an awesome result.

Simply turning your CSV into a table won't get you far, switching it to JSON will make it easier to work with if you do intend to script the actual graphs yourself.

I wouldn't mind styling it once (no matter how much work), but after that I'd hope that I could just update my code and have the result adjust accordingly by referencing the csv file. Is that what you're saying is the tough part?

I would think some script out there could do what Google docs could do, and then also be able to make it look nice. Is there a specific phrase I'm looking for here? I kinda don't even know where to start looking.

Thanks a ton for the response, btw. I appreciate your time.