Dear team,

We are going to develop the WEB Application which contains more than 200 forms with different fields. 

Kindly, let us know which technology is best for front end (Angular 2 , React or any other technology)

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Your post reminded me of an old saying.

A painter doesn't blame the brush

The front end is as you make or design it. If you are good with a brush, you get good results. If you are excellent with a spray can, you get excellent results. The tool rarely matters.

We are already using angular 2 in our existing application. The problem is when we are bundling the files and deplying into the server. The intial loading time is very high even we are using lasy load in angular2.

The existing application contains only 100 forms. If the project extends to 500 forms then deploying the application and intial time of rendering will completely affects the projects.

Kindly, suggest the best feasiable solution.

With your last reply I get the feeling you are creating form after form after form. That's working very hard in my opinion.

I have this app (not web based) and the form is data driven. Depending on what is feed the form, the form morphs to a new dynamic form. If I were to guess if we created each form on its own we would be over a 1,000 forms. I can see why folk would buckly under the strain.

Is your team seasoned and into data driven systems design? Sometimes the team is just a bunch of folk with grand ideas but no background of system design or coding. That's not a bad thing, but eventually you need a programmer/system designer.

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