The Code was made in notepad++ and made intoa .batch file. I want to add more questions but find it difficult. can some help

@echo off
title game 
echo 1) start
echo 2) intro
echo 3) exit
set /p menu=

if %menu% == 1 goto game
if %menu% == 2 goto help
if %menu% == 3 exit

echo hit the correct answer and press enter.

echo what is your name?
set /p name=
echo hello %name%!
echo who was the first president of the USA?
echo 1) George Washington
echo 2) Pierre Desperau
set /p ab=

if %ab% == 1 goto cr1
if %ab% == 2 goto wr1

echo correct
goto menu

echo wrong
goto game

The reason you are finding it difficult is because this is a dog's breakfast of a piece of code. That is not the way to write a program that runs a multiple choice quiz. In its simplest form you would have a text file where each record (line) contains the same number of fields separated by a unique delimeter cush as

question | option a | option b | option c | correct answer

You would read/display each question in turn from the file until all the questions have been asked and answered.

You would also NOT use gotos.