Hey, Im trying to set up a forum using phpBB2 on a free web hosting server. The problem is, when anyone attempts to register with the forum, an error occurs refering to emailer.php. I've researched the problem online and found little helpful results. I emailed the web provider I am using for the forum and asked them if sendmail was enabled, but it seems that it was turned off due to spammers and will not be turned back on. Is there a way to setup an alternate function that will enable email to be sent through my forum? I've looked up a bit on SMTP but the guides I found were confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

pay money and get a hosting account. why would you put a forum on a free ISP anyway? You will surely go over bandwith and hd space in no time.

Bummer, alright. I wanted to do it on a free server because my forum is only for my Guild Wars guild so it wont have an insane amount of members or anything like that, but if I cant get that function to work, guess Ill have to find a decently cheap place to host our forum.. thanks

there are plenty of hosting companies out there for under 10.00 a month.

Why do you need sendmail anyway? Perhaps if you turn off options to require users to confirm by email and just manually prune your member list, it would work.

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