Hello .Im a final year student in bachelor of science computer in web technology. I need your suggestion for my final year project title.Do you have any related ideas?

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.... are you asking what you should reasearch or just some random title?

I mean... no offense here... but you have a problem (you need a title generated).

Solve it (write a title generator).

Just some of random topics. I have to suggest three project to my lecture.First , my project is about the cleaning service app. Second, i have an ideas to make discussing forum web system but now the system are too many.If i want to suggest this title i have to make it different from others.Do you have ideas? The third tittle i can't find it.Help me

my project is about the cleaning service app

"Cleaner than your mom"

how do you make it?

So you need "any" title?

Because you might have to actually execute this final, all should be topics you can dig into.

yes any tittle

I get that English seems to not be your primary language.

Let's try asking another way...

What class is this for?

What other instructions have you been given?

What are you interested in (hobbies, etc...)

this is for web development class. Im interested in beauty and gromming

Is that dog gromming or personal gromming?

personal gromming

commented: This makes me gruntled. +15

Well.. currently there is a flood of people who put out youtube vids and personal blogs on that sort of stuff... you can write a page that indexes / ranks those tutorials / blogs by allowing users to both post them and vote on their usefulness. You can further categorize by application or makeup company or whatever... Sky's the limit.

Call it something topical like Blush or Accent or something hipstery like that :-P

Since this is for a class, it doesn't really have to be useful to anyone other than you...

I guess you are looking for project suggestions for final year project. It doesn't matter if you are looking in beauty and self grooming or in whatever. You need to focus on features or functionality your project is going to cover.
How many people are contributing in this project?
As you are going to design the look and feel of project(web design) and code the front end as well as back end.

I would say, you should go for something like stackoverflow or some social networking website. It would be ab great project to utilize your design, programming and database api skills.
E-Commerce websites are also in trend, so you can also choose an e-commerce site for beauty products as your project but you have to discuss your teacher first before finalizing the topic for further development.

Good luck for your project.

P.S Please don't make fun of someone just because they are not aware of english language. Millions of people are living an amazing life without even knowing anything about A-Z

commented: I doubt anyone was intentionally making fun to be hurtful. I think ultimately we figure out what OP was looking for, it just took some time. +9

Not making fun, but hinting that if you are doing a BSc, and if you are considering a title for a project as part of that, then understanding the language you are writing it in (and getting your spelling right) is actually quite important...

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