Hello i have a problem. It seems that the value of this this input
<input type="hidden" id="uploadUid" value="<?php echo $sessionUid;?>" name="update_uid">

in here
formData.append('uploadUid', uploadUid.value);

When i put an alert alert(uploadUid.value); on Firefox it returns just fine but on Chrome returns undefined

Any guess why?

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   <form id="videoform2" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" >
                        <div id="preview" class="marginbottom10">
                        <input type="hidden" id="uploadvalues">
                        <input type="hidden" id="uploadUid"  value="<?php echo $sessionUid;?>" name="update_uid">
                        <input type="hidden" id="uploadToken"   value="<?php echo $sessionToken;?>" name="update_token">
                        <input type="hidden" id="groupId" value="<?php echo $groupID; ?>" name="group_id">

var formData = new FormData();

    formData.append('uploadUid', uploadUid.value);
    formData.append('token', uploadToken.value);
    formData.append('groupId', groupId.value);

So just after line 6, the alert on uploadUid.value shows nothing? Remember this is not a new issue/problem. Those priors did not find one cause or cure, just that Chrome may do that.

It looks like Chrome does not automatically create the object "uploadUid", and you have to use the function GetElementbyID, as in

var myObj=document.getElementbyID("upLoadUid");
formData.append('uploadUid', myObj.value);

i did this instead and worked!
formData.append('uploadUid', document.getElementById('uploadUid').value);

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