I am trying to create a login page from my existing Wordpress Database with custom php file. can any one please help me.

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I tried with the below script but the password not matched, can any one please help me to fix this issue.

$upass - password from login screen;

$hash_password= password_hash($upass, PASSWORD_BCRYPT); 

$userRow['user_pass'] - password from database

if(password_verify($hash_password, $userRow['user_pass']))
                    echo 'Password Matches';
                    $_SESSION['user_session'] = $userRow['ID'];
                    return true;
                     // Invalid credentials
                    echo 'Password Mismatch';
                    return false;

I have no idea what you're trying to do. Are you trying to log in to the dB or to the WP site?

I’m a little confused as well. What’s wrong with the login page that comes with WordPress?

If I understand correctly you want to make a custom WordPress login page. Actually WordPress has a custom login plug-in which works well and is easy to configure. I have done several custom login pages for clients to improve login security and alleviate hacker login attempts.

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