Hello All.
I am new to Daniweb.
I was wondersing if there are people who could help me with CouchCMS, a PHP based content management system. I am held up in an issue where I want to generate the receipts of fees being paid by the students.

So by perspective of CouchCMS I have the following:

  1. Student template (clonable page to store all students data)
  2. Month & Fees template (clonable page to specify the respective month and its fees)
  3. A Collect Fees template (for generating fees receipt using the data from Student and Month & Fees templates)
    If some one could guide me, by perspective of PHP I can try to get the code into the CouchCMS perspective.

I am having a form to collect the fees. The form has:

  1. Dropdown (containing student names and ids)
  2. Dropdown (containing month name and fees amount)
  3. Textbox (readonly box just to display the fees amount once the month is selected)
  4. Submit button

My problem area is that:
How do I select a student name and then display the corresponding months for that student (months for which the fees is not paid yet).

Any help in PHP (simple) would be more than appreciated.


The more I read about Coach the more I see it's a CMS or content management system and once you exit what they made easy you are back into the usual work of MySQL, PHP, code and design. I did not find any example of what you wanted to do in the usual Coach discussions.

This means it's just plain design work, then understanding your database, crafting the SQL command to get what you want from some input form then writing code. If you don't do PHP or MySQL you will want to do tutorials on that first.

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