Hi this is ScorpionZ
I need to get some idea regarding "Work FLOW SYSTEM"
and IF I WANT TO CREATE Such system..... then What are the requirements?

And on What Possible system is it Possible?

Any help will be appreciated with great interest

Thanks and Regard

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Hi Guys is anyone there?
I need a discussion...

I have no idea what that is.

like flow charts?

Like a Movement of Document from one place to another..
Like if a user Create an Application of Sickness... and Fill it and move it from one place to another, and it passes from diffrent levels, like
1st step:
Application Filled:

2nd step:
Application Submit to it Admin

3rd Step:
Admin Edit its Signature if it is correct

4th Step:
Admin Forward it to its Senior Consultant
If Ok Senior also Will edit it

5th Step:
It Reaches to CEO and Ceo Give its Comments and Resend it through this Process

Now How to do this all .. if i creates a Web application....
or if it is not an issue of PHP , then is it of JAVA?


Hi scorpionz.

I have never built one of these systems, but I have seen them done and know that they can be accomplished using PHP, Java, CSS, XHTML and XML. They can also be built and run on any type of system:)

Thanks for response

But can u give some ideas about that...
What are the Possible systems.....
and what are the Process to do that all......???
Will it be Possible by Object oriented Concepts in PHP or Java?

Thanks and Regards

If you can program in OOP PHP, this would be a better way to go. I would also suggest having a look into the Zend framework as this is great for systems like this. You can also use Java for things like, interaction and validation. You will certainly need a database like MySQL. However a system like this will require a lot of planning which is what I would reccommend to start with, as ideas can start flowing from this process. So make planning your very first process step for this application.

You can breaking the planning process into sections like so:
(1) What does the system have be able to do.
(2) Possible system structure info, how will you structure the system.
(3) Database tables and info.
(4) How will you structure the database, which tables need to interact with each other.
(5) CSS and XHTML, Possible designs of the system(how will it look).

Planning is the basis of all apps, and certainly helps. Knowing where to start and how comes from planning, thus this is a very important process step.

You are Great Richie....
You really Provide me a path to start...
once again i say you are awesome with.... Remarkable ideas
I will Search it on this and will back to you soon.....
But But But....
at least Provide me some names For example there Like I provide example in my previous post mention in steps.....
So that i can go through to a particular system... and it will be a great to start with....

After all Thanks A lot Richie For Such fantastic Response...


May I suggest maybe having a look at PHP-Nuke or maybe Web 2.0 Applications like, WordPress or TypePad, these are free PHP and MySQL systems that are fully built and very easy to download and install. They all have different features and all have their pros and cons. They don't quite match up to what you want to achieve, but they do share quite a few common features and are more likely to give you great ideas. They all come with a GNU license, so you are allowed to have a look at and mess around with the code. They are definitly worth a look at for ideas. Just search for them in google, or what ever search engine your using:)

One other suggestion. If you want to be able to make data from a form editable, you might want to consider a editing tool such as FKC Editor, or Tinymce. These are great and easy to implement editing tools. Actually, if you've never heard of these, a great example is the post box to this forum, when you type your next post to this thread, notice the tools at the top of the reply box, such as the B(bold command) or the Insert Link button, these are all features of an editing tool:)

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