Now I am developing Wordpress websites and many of my clients are asking to create online calculators for their websites. Usually, it is required to create a calculator in the shortest possible time and therefore I decided that it was not advisable to create calculators from scratch and began to search for this for ready-made plugins. I looked through a bunch of plugins, but I could not make a choice. I hesitate between these plugins:

Have you tried these plugins, should you use them? What wordpress plugins for calculators can you recommend?

The simplest and most convenient plug-ins from this list is By the way, this plugin is based on an online service, so it can be used on other platforms, website designers and CMS, and not just Wordpress. . The plugin is really quite good compared to others that I tried. In addition, some other calculator plugins from the Wordpress catalog have not been updated for a long time and rarely release new features. And uCalc is constantly being developed and updated, new useful features are added. In addition, there is a great support.