Now I am developing Wordpress websites and many of my clients are asking to create online calculators for their websites. Usually, it is required to create a calculator in the shortest possible time and therefore I decided that it was not advisable to create calculators from scratch and began to search for this for ready-made plugins. I looked through a bunch of plugins, but I could not make a choice. I hesitate between these plugins:

Have you tried these plugins, should you use them? What wordpress plugins for calculators can you recommend?

The simplest and most convenient plug-ins from this list is By the way, this plugin is based on an online service, so it can be used on other platforms, website designers and CMS, and not just Wordpress. . The plugin is really quite good compared to others that I tried. In addition, some other calculator plugins from the Wordpress catalog have not been updated for a long time and rarely release new features. And uCalc is constantly being developed and updated, new useful features are added. In addition, there is a great support.

-> so many plugin are there in Wordpress to choose show in below :-
1.Calculated Fields Form
♦Creating forms with automatically calculated fields.
♦Finance calculators.
♦Quote calculators.
♦Booking cost calculators.
♦Date calculators.
♦Health / fitness calculators.
♦Form builder for adding input fields on the form.
♦Add one or more calculated fields.
♦Predefined forms templates.
2.Responsive Mortgage Calculator
♦The total cost of the home,
♦A down payment amount,
♦An interest rate (fixed rate),
♦The amortization period,
♦And they can select a payment period, either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly,
♦NEW beautiful popup summary with chart and amortization schedule.
3.CT Mortgage Calculator
♦A straightforward and simple responsive mortgage calculator with a clean flat design, featuring Sale Price, Interest Rate, Term (years) & Down Payment.
4.Mortgage Calculator
♦Mortgage Calculator is a great value-add for any mortgage loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable content to readers. The execution of this mortgage calculator is superb from the smooth sidebar integration, modal window results and AJAX-based graphs that are incredibly visually appealing. It’s a great little application that delivers a lot of value in a user-friendly and well-executed way. This plugin is relying on service to show calculation results.
5.CalculatorPro Calculator
♦The CalculatorPro Calculator plugin brings’s entire collection of online calculators to WordPress.

♦Easily customize and embed any of the calculators into your page, post, or sidebar via a simple shortcode. The collection includes financial calculators, health calculators, conversion calculators, math calculators, and many more.
6.WooPrice Calculator
♦Welcome to WooPrice Calculator, the first WooCommerce extension that lets website owners create variable prices for their products, based on the features chosen by their customers. There’s no need for any programming knowledge.
♦The features of the products become variables in mathematical formulas that were created and matched to those products. Customers will be able to modify those variables through the product’s characteristics on a product page, directly modifying the final value of the product and their shopping cart.
♦This plug-in provides an opportunity to automatically integrate calculator. This way you don’t need to place the code manually, all you need to do is authorize access from the uCalc account and choose an already made calculator from the list.
8.CC BMI Calculator
♦This is basic BMI Calculator for Body Mass Index calculation.
♦Calculation can be done in imperial or metric units. Here is metric BMI chart and imperial BMI chart.
♦Calculator is very easy customizable: you can change color of background, borders and text to match your web site’s theme and change widget title, make prefered default unit (imperial or metric).
♦It can be placed on sidebar as widget or incorporated into post or page using shortcode.
9.WPcalc – create any online calculators
♦You can easily create an online calculators for both yourself and your customers.
♦Easily add basic form elements like checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons etc. with only a few clicks
10.Tiny Yardage Calculator
♦A simple form to calculate how many yards of material (such as bark mulch, soil, concrete, gravel, etc) are needed to cover square feet to a given depth in inches.
♦User enters length and width in feet and depth in inches; the calculator returns yards of material needed, rounded up to the nearest whole number.
♦The calculator has no dependencies and no options in the admin panel, and is style agnostic.

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I think That is useful for you thanks.

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