Hi All,

My first post in a LONG time (got a prompt from admin).

I have a fully working ASP.Net website that handles dimensions in metric.
The customer now wants to extend the website to allow Americans to use it using imperial measurements!!!?? (Yes, I have tried to talk them out of it!).

I think the way to do this would be to keep everything in metric as far as possible and convert to imperial (feet & inches instead of metres) on the fly.
So, when displaying the values I convert from metres to feet/inches
After accepting input I convert to metres and store as usual (in metres)

I display results in a FormView with

<%#Eval("Width", "{0:n3} m")%>

I get input in the FormView with

                            <asp:TextBox id="txtWidth" Text='<%# Bind("Width") %>' Width="50px" Runat="server" />m

So the question is how do I do it?

Any suggestions/alternative approaches welcome