Hi, I want to display the avearage row as images. Is it possible?

function reviews_average(){

            $avgproduct_id = escape_string($_GET['id']);

            $avgquery = "SELECT avg(rating) as average_rating FROM reviews WHERE product_id = $avgproduct_id";
            $avgresults = query($avgquery);

            while($row = fetch_array($avgresults)){

            $avgratings = **--THIS IS THE ONE I WANT TO DISPLAY AS IMAGES--** "{$row['average_rating']}";    

            echo $avgratings; 

This is the image

<img src='../public/images/star.png' height='20px' width='20px'/>

I’m on my phone in bed so it’s hard to type our code but you can use php’s string repeater function.


You can echo out the image html tag the number of times based on the rating.

You could do this with a simple for loop as well but this function is easier.