I created a small landing page in Mobirise. I'm selling hand-made soap. I want my customers could go back to my page after the purchase
but I don't know how to do that. Also the form doesn't send any confirmation email. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.

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Sending mail shouldn't be a Mobirise feature UNLESS they host the site and charge for the email service.

Look for prior "I want a web page to send email" discussions to see what is involved. You are a web developer and may have to up your game or just use the Mobirize forum. The more Mobirize questions I see the less impressed I am.

I concur with rproffitt's assessment that if you want the form to send an email, it needs to be hosted on a server that is capable of sending out email and has that correctly configured. I'm not familiar with Mobirise at all though. Is this functionality that they offer? How is the form currently built? Forms typically require the use of a back-end server to process them, that's capable of either submitting the form data to a database, sending email, etc.

commented: I guess that Mobirise's using as a back-end server theit another application Formiod. Actually everything worked fine after the new issued version. +0
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