The world has gone mobile! People always carry their phones with them. If you want to connect with your customers where you get the most response, then you should think about investing in a customized mobile app for your brand, I recently started a business and launched a website, but it has not been bringing much traffic. I want to know the mobile app development cost in Adelaide from different sources I have been getting different responses some told me it depends on various factors like the complexity of your app or the fact that it is designed for Android or iOS or maybe both. Can anyone give me the rates?

"An app for your product-- is it a good investment?"

You were not entirely clear what your product was. You mention a web site so if it's the usual web site with the usual products I will write no. I rarely hear web masters tell me it paid off. Now for sites like, Amazon, Newegg, Woot and such it does pay off but your scale may not come close.

-> Here's a thing. Those folk at "App Development Agency" are there to sell you on this idea. It's your money and in your case I don't think it will work as you expect. Let me add the most common reason why and it's a doozy. "APP Fatigue." Today's users are pushing back with "not another app to install." This pushback has been going on for a few years so you are very late to the party unless you are an Alibaba, Yahoo, Amazon or such in class.

My advice? Focus on making your web site mobile friendly to the max and on your strengths. The mobile app may drain your time, money and distract you from what really matters.

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