Hit upon this thing recently. Seems like a good alternative to Google's reCaptcha. Website users solve the captcha, website owners get paid and AI companies get their data labeled.

What do you think guys?

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https://www.google.com/search?q=Using+captcha+to+classify+photos&gl=US shows this idea has been around for quite some time. What we tend to worry about today is data leaks. What other data is being collected?

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The idea of using captcha to classify photos has been around. The twist here is that website owners earn money each time the captcha is used. This benefits the website owner because they need a captcha, so they might as well make money from having one at the same time.

Let's be honest: Just about every CAPTCHA service nowadays crowdsources and crunches data. Google's reCAPTCHA service crowdsources data for the benefits of their self-driving cars and other Google initiative. That's why you're always clicking on images of roads and street signs. This service, however, seems to be an agency between publishers and third-party companies that need their image data crowdsourced.

From a publisher's perspective, you need a CAPTCHA service, and have two choices:

  • Use the de-factor standard, reCAPTCHA, and essentially allow Google to data mine your visitors in exchange for them protecting your site from bots. In other words, Google utilizes the data directly for their own needs and doesn't compensate you directly for the benefit of it.
  • Use this service, allow third-party clients of hCaptcha to data mine your visitors, get protection from bots, and earn cash money as well. This service compensates you with a portion of the proceeds they receive from their clients for crunching their clients' data.

Let's not forget the dark side of Captcha where it was used as a game to automate site hacking. Folk were playing a game and unknowingly helping bypass legitimate Captha systems.

Also https://anti-captcha.com/mainpage

I'm sure it was a great idea and folk want some way to monetize and not feed the beast but stepping back to view how broken this is, any re-do is just that. But hey, it's not nearly as scary as the SIM SWAP exploit.

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