Can anyone suggest me which one is a better platform for e commerce website development?

When it comes to Ecommerce website development there are many e commerce cms that can be used to make a perfect website. They are mentioned below:-
1) Magento : Magento is an open source eccomerce platform framed with PHP.
2) Woo Commerce: Over top 1 million e commerce websites are made with Woo Commerce. So with this Woo commerce becomes the second best ecommerce platform.
3) Shopify: If you dont want to go for much of the efforts u can opt for Shopify there u'll get everything ready to use.
4) Presta Shop: It is also an open ecommerce platform build with Php and with support of the MYSQL.
5) Opencart: It is the PHP based CMS which is using MYSQL and HTML components.

commented: These all are CMS not coding languages, I would suggest don't use them or start working with some IT Organisation. +0

You will have to use both PHP and JavaScript to create an ecommerce website. Because PHP is server side and JavaScript runs only on brower. So when you will have to interact with the database then you will need the help of PHP because JavaScript cannot do such things.

designs matter only php and javascript is enough for development but using frameworks make it a lot easier but slower and they will take lots of unwanted things I suggest not to use bootstrap ,use angular as javascript and dont use backend frameworks too make your own routing app this will ease out your mess adds up flexibility to your creativity.