I want to order a website for my online shop, but I have a question: who is better to hire, a freelancer or a company? I can't make the site I want alone because I don't have much experience in creating sites. I think hiring companies is expensive. I don't even know if it makes sense to overpay. I don't need a fancy website. Simple, but beautiful site which will be information about my business. So what do you recommend?

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Small world. I have stories about such. The best one is where I was asked years ago and answered GoDaddy. Low 6 figures "blown" over 5 years, a few consultants and at the 5 year mark they fired all of them and asked yet another consultant. The answer was again GoDaddy which their site came online the very next week and sales the week after that.

I could write more but you also noted Effective in prior posts so you do have developers to chat with besides here.

The staff at the company I told the story about are not programmers. They do and are doing great.

Hello Mr.Xianders ,
I design your online shopping web and support it then.
The cost for my design is standard and cheap.
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   Have a good day,

It depends to you. We are a company also working as a freelancer, we are developing website and software since 2006 with a professional team.

contact if you want to hire for your project.


Hi sir,

I have review your requirments to build the Online store. I am having 10+ year experience in PHP, MAGENTO & E-commerce development.
I can build your E-commerce store with very much Affordable pricing.

Please ping me soon. if you need any help.

Depends on your final purpose. If you have a big project you should better use company

It all depends on your needs, requirements and the site in general. If you are planning a big business, then hiring a company will be more responsible for you, but if you plan a simple website, then freelancing is a good choice.