I am building my blog website and I want to make a page that will search info I have created in an excel spreadsheet and I want to include images for each item. Almost like an e-commerce or retail type of search but only for information but not just a slideshow...

I mainly just needs to know what would be the easiest way to create this or if there is a WP Plugin I can use to create this.

Perhaps it will be better if I tell you what I created first that I would like to allow people to easily navigate and get the specific information and images from.

So there is a company who has many recalled items however it seems hat they have scrubbed the internet almost completely of what their recalled items looked like as well as other information like how much they sold for, years they were created, color options available, etc. along with their images. This pissed me off so I decided to compile the information myself in an excell file for 100 items that is 500 rows long and I have yet to figure out how to add the images I have for each of them to this file. I want someone to be able to search each parameter, (year, color, etc.) as well as the specific name for the item and have results with a thumbnail image and the name of the item. I want them to be able to click on the result and get the information of that item in maybe a table for all years, colors etc. of just that item and have multiple images they can view as well.

I have godaddy as my dns, namecheap hosting bundle with cpanel but I am using wordpress currently. I don't mind changing anything I need to if it will make things how I want them to be.
I am pretty good at figuring things out so I don't need my hand held, I just need someone to tell me what to do because I am getting overloaded searching what to do and I know that there has to be a better way or a template or open source code or something out there than what I am finding online.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for a noob like me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Let's try simple. Like (edited) we did over a decade ago. Put it all on a page and tell the user to press Control+F to find "Black Bart's Bicycle" or such.

All the users I encounter can search for text on a page and since you want to get this information out there, why not simple?

commented: I want to include links to the images if they have not been removed but I took screenshots and have a works cited for them. also dont want to be sued +0

I primarily want people to be able to visually identify the item if they have it at home because most will not know the model name or have the other information. I am also worried about how to include the images and not take 1000 years to load

As to 1,000 years to load you can build just a text page for searching (Control+F) and if you need a link to an image, that's nothing special (or is it?)

As to legal issues, you'll need a lawyer or just get ready for a take down notice. I do enounter folk that feel that if it's on the Internet they can copy and use as they please. Hard to reason or talk to such today.

commented: I really need to have pictures to help anyone at all. Would they not be considered "fair use" if used to educate people/save lives? +0

You can research what fair use is. Here's my search: https://www.google.com/search?q=What+is+fair+use+of+images

And there it is, how this varies from the USA to the EU and more. If your content is strictly from the company you mentioned, you can almost be sure they will issue a take down notice or get it removed from Google and other searches. Only you know your sources.

Also that search on fair use does call out the usual four tests and "saving lives" isn't one of them. You can make your choice to ignore all that and take your chances. If you do, google up Leonard French as he's out there and has many videos and more on this.

Took a look at your profile. Maybe you're a WordPress person. If so, look at https://gofreethemes.com/alhena-lite-wordpress-theme/ and I see SEARCH with images and text. If they did that, then it may be close to what you asked for. You might have to ask the author how to tweak it to not be a shopping experience but at a glance, worth looking at. (I mean you look at it.)