I need to add a name to a Telephone number which appears on the sceen on the phone in replace of the phone number any suggestions?

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That sounds like the old "look in a database and show what your wnat on screen" that is something web sites do all the time. So that's not new and I bet examples and tutorials are out there. But you would have to tailor it to your web site and server which is what you'll be working on for a few weeks.

If I am understanding (or assuming) correctly, it is not possible to pass name via the tel: links.

And hence it is not possible to change what use will see as name on their phone on clicking these links

When dialing a number within the country you are in, you still need to dial the national trunk number before the rest of the number. For example, in Australia one would dial:
0 - trunk prefix
2 - Area code for New South Wales
6555 - STD code for a specific telephone exchange
1234 - Telephone Exchange specific extension.
For a mobile phone this becomes

0 - trunk prefix
4 - Area code for a mobile telephone
1234 5678 - Mobile telephone number
Now, when I want to dial via the international trunk, you need to drop the trunk prefix and replace it with the international dialing prefix

    • Short hand for the country trunk number
      61 - Country code for Australia
      4 - Area code for a mobile telephone
      1234 5678 - Mobile telephone number
      This is why you often find that the first digit of a telephone number is dropped when dialling internationally, even when using international prefixing to dial within the same country.

So as per the trunk prefix for Germany drop the 0 and add the +49 for Germany's international calling code (for example) giving:

<a href="tel:+496170961709" class="Blondie">
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