I used Macromedia Fireworks to create the code for the image behaviors. (i.e. mouseover the thumbnail, the images changes like a regular button and once the thumbnail is clicked another image should show up in the large main black square to the right) They work fine locally in both Fireworks and in Dreamweaver. Once it's loaded to the live server only the mouseovers work and the onclick behavior stops working properly using IE 6 - works fine in Mozilla. Any ideas on what's broken or have an alternative coding suggestion?

I've included the link to the web page and fireworks file below:


It's odd that something so simple as a mouse over, could cause such problems across different browsers.

Ideally you should have tested you site one stage at a time on different browsers, namely mozilla, internet explorer, netscape and opera?

You may have to do a total rewrite, or if you're lucky it could be something simple. That's prolly not much help.

[edit] Having said that I've just tested your site using my version of Internet explorer and it works fine. [/edit]