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Hi everyone,

I am currently building a wordpress site related to the photo which will be used to carry out many social projects. It's been months that I block on one subject, I am looking desperately for a person who would have the kindness and the skills to bring me help.

My problem: RGPD compliance third-party cookies

The situation is as follows, I have installed Google Tag Manager, it is functional, I am trying to configure it to "block" all third-party cookies on my site, while the user gives his consent to use these third-party cookies. When he clicks on 'accept' (cookie banner), third-party cookies are installed and as long as the user does not purge their browser cache, third-party cookies are loaded with each page load. *
The function of the google tag manager code would be to analyze the "viewed_cookie_policy" cookie, if so, the user to give his agreement and google tag manager can load third-party cookies. If the "viewed_cookie_policy" cookie does not exist, then the user has not given their consent and third-party cookies remain blocked.

More Technic :

wordpress: 5.5 / php: 7.4.8 / serveur: apache / mysql: 5. 7. 28 / shared hosting 1&1

Plugin cookies : GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin (CCPA Ready)
By WebToffee

i have try this setup in google manager :

Variable = Type : proprietary cookies = name = viewed_cookie_policy (viewed_cookie_policy with value "yes" = is the name of the cookies are created when people clic " Consent" on the cookies banner)

Trigger : page view = some pages viewed = viewed_cookie_policy | contains | yes

TAG : (i have try with only one third cookies for try, is for this i have put only one link, third cookie " stripe " )

this setup work but the script " " is loading before " click consent " for leave the script i have install the plugin : Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster
By Gabriel Livan

With this plugin i ask him to block the third cookie " " everywhere on my website, this action work.

At this step, when i clean all my cache, i go to my website, the " " don't load (It's OK) and i click " consent " on banner cookies, the page reload alone and the cookies third party " " load (until here all it's ok) the things is when i try to use the plugin " Give " (this plugin use when i make test for donation and i'm redirect " " the page not loading and are full white ... When i desactivate the option for don't load in " Asset CleanUp plugin " and i try again it's work but is not good because with this configuration, the third cookie " " are load when people come on my website and is loading before people clic " Consent " on banner cookies ... Madness circle ... I have hard hard try since long time but i don't find the solution ....

Thank you for your help I can give you more information if you need (for example the url of my website) in a private message.

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