I'm beginning to believe that nobody actually knows how to validate simple forms and insert that validation code into a dreamweaver page.

I there anybody out there who believes they can accomplish this. If so, are you prepared to help me accomplish this, at which time we could post here a relevant tutorial/explanation.

I have been playing around with preg_match and preg_match_all, along with various regexpressions but they do not seem to give the expected results.

Try and buy/rent the book "How to do everything PHP MYSQL" By Vikram Vaswami. It has a chapter on validating form input in the way you ask

Well done jbennet. You could post your answer to any question in this php section. A simple 'No' would have been quite sufficient.

the answer is yes, im saying its in that book, because i have it but cant be bothered typing the source onto this site as its like 3 pages of code

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