How to remove from the Google index pages of my site that were created by a virus  Japanese keyword hack?
It is necessary to remove from the Google index links to the pages of my site  that were created by a virus - about 43 800 pages in Google index.
The number of crawled pages even increased (!!!) from 436 to 570 thousand.
A week ago, changes were made to the sitemap for reindexing. But so far the pages have not been deleted - moreover, new "garbage" pages appear in Google Webmaster. The site has no more than 100 "real" pages in the index. Everything else is non-existent links to garbage pages.
What can we do to expedite the removal of this information?
I studied the information on the forums - people write that for months or even years they cannot get rid of information about fake pages in Google's results ... :(

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Here's one where it cleared up in two days.

How many days has it been?

Delete the garbage pages so that all of the URLs result in HTTP 404 or HTTP 410 pages. Make sure the pages are crawlable by Googlebot, and are not restricted via a robots.txt. From within Google Search Console, go to and submit a new request to urgently remove the content from Google Search.

If the page already has the robots meta-element with the value INDEX, you can simply replace it with NOINDEX. Done. Now you just have to wait until the desired URL is removed from the Google index. By using the meta-robots value NOINDEX, the URL will also be removed from the index of Microsoft's search engine Bing.

Also, just to confirm, none of the garbage pages are in any sitemap files, correct?

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