I have some crystal reports that i would like to use PHP in order to execute the reports and then either view the reports in the browser as is or to generate PDF files.

Does anybody know how to do this and what is required to be installed on the server to enable this?


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What server?

Also https://www.crystalreports.com has a community and more.

Hope you have a high limit on that credit card!

-> Are you sure you must do it this way?

The web server. I have the Crystal reports written already as the are old invoice templates so just need to be able to call them from PHP with the parameters required

Let's hear more about what this web server is on. Linux, Windows Server (2003 to 2019?) and what version of Crystal Report Server (see that link above?)

Now once in a while someone wants to hack such together to avoid the costs but I won't guess that here.

the server is windows server 2012, i can not remember the version of crystal but was purchased about 18 months ago if that helps

I'm going to defer here as I don't know what you have. What you have determines the solution. Head to the community at the link above and they probably know how to identify what Crystal reports server you have.

Just an update if anyone can help the crystal version i have is 2016

https://www.google.com/search?q=sap+crystal+reports+export+to+pdf+site:answers.sap.com seems to find this is a common discussion there.

Here it appears to be missing details such as how you intend to code this along with small details about the web server, email delivery, etc.

Lots of moving parts but your solution may change according to what your final design and code choices are. As it stands, not defined enough for me to pick from answers at answers.sap.com.

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