So i have multiple web pages containing multiple episodes, what I'm trying to implement is a search box in the nav bar which will bring up the episode/category your looking for, nothing too over complicated. If anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction that would be great. I already have some php built in for my header and footer that way i can configure one file and it updates all. Cheers guys

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I looked at your profile to see if the bespoke web site was given but your profile didn't mention it.

My advice is to add your website and such into your profile. I see you tagged this with php and sql so that's a start.

Can you please describe what you mean by search box? Usually a search box is just an empty text field where a user types in what they want to search for and then clicks a search button. Are you thinking of an autocomplete? Or a dropdown?

Sorry fo the inactvity, to be more precise, I meant like a dropdown menu listing the episode titles (just like jquery autocomplete brings them up already) and then once you select the option for example you type in "Stranger Things episode" it would like episode 1-8 and the you could select the episode you wanted from the dropdown.

Sample code in HTML format for search box is in the code block, copy and paste into a compiler and edit to your written data.


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