When I run below code, I am getting this error:
Severity: error --> Exception: Attempt to assign property "lottery_draw_id" on null C:\xampp\htdocs\lsnew\application\controllers\Admin.php 396

winner_list_temp is declared but how come it becomes null?

Code is here:

public function lottery_prize_winners_list() {


    if (isset($drawid)) {

        $prize_list = $this->db_model->get_lottery_prize_winners_list($drawid);

        $currency_abbr = 'USD'; 

        $winner_list_temp = array();

        foreach ($prize_list as $key => $value) {

            foreach ($value as $v_key => $v_value) {

                $i_key = $prize_list[$key]->prize_position;

                if($v_key == 'lottery_draw_id') {

                    $winner_list_temp[$i_key]->lottery_draw_id = $prize_list[$key]->lottery_draw_id;




        $winner_list = array();

        $i_key = 0;

        foreach ($winner_list_temp as $key => $value) {

            $winner_list[$i_key] = $value;



        if(count($winner_list) > 0) {

            echo json_encode($winner_list);

            return true;

        } else {



    } else {




It isn't that $winner_list_temp is null; it is that while it is declared as an array, you haven't populate that array yet. It is the lottery_draw_id member of $winner_list_temp[$i_key] that is null, as there is no actual entry for $winner_list_temp[$i_key] at that point.

At least, that is my impression; I haven't worked in PHP for a while, so I may be misreading this.

commented: Now how do I declare that member to rectify the issue? Can someone help please +0
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