hi all,

I am having this problem for a long time.Everytime i restart my machine,i get this error related to IIS.

Default Website Stopped. I have tried to reinstall my IIS everytime to no use.

But still i get the same error.

Can anyone suggest help on this.

Thanks in advance.



you can start the default website by

typing "net start w3svc" in the command prompt.

You can also do this one:

write net start w3svc in a text file and save it with extn .bat

keep this file in ur starup folder. This should work.


hi Chaitanya,

Sorry for the delay.I uninstalled my IIS and VS.NET and installed again.Now its working.

But i have saved the batch file which u gave.Will use in the near future.

Thanks for your help.



Well I Think Some Application Is Definetely Blocking Or Using Port 80 And When Iis Looks For That Port It Is Unavailable......so Look For That Application And If U R Using Firewall Plz Disconnect It Because Firewall Uses The Same Port And Try Changing The Port To 80:80.....

Hope It Will Help

i changed TCPPort form 80 to 81 in website tab (properties)
then i start ...
it's working
hope useful for u
My Linh


paste this address bar to know iis install or not
or u can go to control panel-->adnimistrative tool-->IIS

from there configure ur website to wwwroot

if you installed IIS after your .net installation then you must register IIS with framework
run following script in start -> run

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe -i

This is for windows XP
start->run->type 'inetmgr' ->ok
go to -- web sites->Default website
right click on it then select properties
in that websit tab change tcp port to-1024 (it would be 80 by default)
now click apply and ok,
now again
go to -- web sites->Default website
again right click on it then select start
now your iis service will start for web applications