I don't have a lot of experience with the .net framework, but I know basics. I'm trying to get a set of sample pages up and running on my machine, however none of the .net pages work. I have no problem serving non .net pages with iis, but can't figure out why my .net won't work. i have run the command aspnet_regiis.exe -i and since other pages work, obviously i have iis installed and running okay.

What are some trouble shooting steps I can go through? I know the pages work fine, they run on someone else's machine here.

There are a lot of reasons.
1. Correctly insatalled Framework.
2. Framework was installed before IIS.
3. Your COM+ is working properly..etc.

Try to reinstall/restart IIS. If it does not help, than find the log file for IIS (Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Event Viewer - Application). Google messages that have error marks, usually Microsoft has clear answers...


You didn't specify the exact error you got..:p

Neverthless try these:

1)in the command prompt type IISRESET and click ok
2)in an IE window address bar write http://localhost and check whether your localhost home page is opening or not. If not then try with http://localhost:80. If you are not able to open this then there might be some problem with your IIS configuration and you have to reinstall IIS.
3) go to IIS->websites->defaultwebsite.. check whether your website is there or not. IF it is there then right click on the starting page and click browse. Your page should be opened by now.
Even if this fails then try to see whether you properly installed visual studio .net 2003/2005.