I want to create a new asp file with another asp file already made using VBScript. Is there anyway I can do that without concatenating every few chars to a writeline function?

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Could you explain why you require this function? Perhaps there is a better alternative.


It's an assignment to create a discussion messageboard. I made one page to hold all the threads and create new asp pages for each child thread. I made the template to make each child thread using a simple write function, with a whole bunch of shit in it, which I hate doing because I pride myself in always having organized code.

I got it working fine, but are there any suggestions on how to do it without lines of
vbCrLf ...&Chr(34)"&...&...&...&Chr(34)"&...&_


as opposed to having a second page for your child threads, did you consider holding them in panels and making the specific panel visible when a user asks for it? Or did you think of using sessions?

Just a suggestion but I suppose that you have to stick to criteria?


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