I am facing a strange problem....

I have a datagrid in which has a few textboxes. 1 of these text boxes is un-editable (it is a computed value). The computations for that textbox have been done using javascript. In the asp page the value is taken using Find Controls.

The problem occuring is, the javascript calcuates the value and is displayed on the screen, but the same value is not passed to the vb page and hence the desired value is not sent to the database.

Also this error is not regularly occuring. It has occured only on a couple of occasions. The rest of the time, everything works as desired.
Please help......

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Hi Aniruddha,

Well it should work! But by the way feel free to add your code here


Hi Katarey,

Thanks a lot for the reply...... ;)

Now let me explain the situation in detail.

Say there is a datagrid with 4 text boxes in 1 row. The data grid has n such rows.
The first 3 textboxes are editable. The value in the 4th txtbox is calculated by a simple mathematical formula applied on the values in the first 3 text boxes.

This calculation is done using javascript. The values in all the textboxes are stored in hidden txtboxes.

Further these values are accessed in the vb page using the code

txtABC = Ctype(dgDataItem.FindControl("txtABC"),HtmlInputHidden)

These values are now passed to the database. The problem occuring here is that the value for the first row is passed correctly. But next row onwards, the desired value is not passed.

Also, this problem is not occuring regularly. This case has occured only on a couple of occasions. The rest of the times everything works fine.

Has this got something to do with the security settings ??

Hope you can identify some way of resolving this issue....


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