Hi every one,

This is Pavan.I dont know anything about ASP.NET and trying to learn on my own.I am trying to create a login page where the user should enter his username and password, then the page should search the information in SQL server database and direct him that he was successfully logged in.

So, please can any one give me each and every step of how to do this page.It really doestnt matter for me for the language(either c#,VB,J#etc).

Eagerly waiting for your reply.


You should find some tutorials in MSDN or online. There's a lot of tutorials on the web. Use a good search engine to find out. I don't intend to discourage or hurt you and please don't feel offended. Most of members of this forum, won't usually spare some time posting steps.

You don't learn anything by having someone serve you the answer.
You learn by doing. Find some examples for starters, and solve whatever problems you encounter as you move along.

If you truely are trying to learn on your own, you shouldn't ask for complete solutions, but rather solutions to specific problems (after trying to solve 'em yourself).

Just my two cents...