i am trying to write a script in asp javascript that will allow me to go to Link one (hotmail login page) and enter my username & password and proceed to Link two (mail inbox page) and then retrieves the the first emails details including the fields from, subject, date, size details (Shown below). If this can be displayed on the same page without refreshing if the username and password is set in the code, which has been specified by the user earlier. i would be greatful if any one can help by giving me some script that i can just use in my asp page. Thanks

From Subject [IMG]http://gfx1.hotmail.com/i.p.sort.desc.gif[/IMG]Date Size

Link One


link two
hotmail inbox

i have never used ajax before, i have looked into it but dont really understand it. Is there any bod that can get me on my way with some sample source code? or easy to use tutorials?

thanks once again

I did not probably run into more details of your question earlier.

However, AJAX is still a better way of doing it. But what I realize is that you want to get some hotmail inbox details.

Microsoft provides hotmail APIs and has exposed XML webservices to access to your inbox from programs or other clients.
You should be using the same in your javascript.

No need to write your own AJAX function also, go to this place.

Some kind of such links should help you.


the reason why i want to write me own code is that i want to use hotmail as an example and then apply to another website that i have that is not by microsoft or email site. It is just to grab some records.

You can use such examples and get AJAX working.
Any kind of a web element can be tracked.
I would suggest you take a small hello world in AJAX and build the rest on top of it.