Hello... I have one curiosity that I need to solve. I hope anyone who know the problem tell me reason why is this so. I have done a php/mysql application some time ago and I encounter this problem while testing on using coding with register_global on and register_global off. I usually write my coding when register_global is on in which is not a good practice.

The problem is:
I try two same coding in which one with register_global on and another one with register_global off to upload a file to server. It works fine but the files used to be uploaded disappear from the source destination although the file did upload to the destination server file. This happened to the coding with register_global off.

Can anyone tell why is that so. Thank you.

Thank you for the help. I know what is the problem now. It was cause by the unlink($file) statement in the coding. That is why the file is missing after uploading.