We are looking to add a "bookmark a page" link to our website that is written in asp. Does anyone have a code example we can use?

Thanks for your help.

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1. Bookmarking is part of the User Model for websites, not the Code Model. In simple English, that means if a user wants to bookmark a page, they'll do it with the built-in browser commands, regardless of a "bookmark link" or not. It would be a useless addition to your page.

2. Since bookmarking is part of the user model, each browser may or may not expose it to the DOM. That means you'll have to write browser-specific code, browser detection code, etc. In other words, you'd be creating yourself a maintenance headache.

3. This is the ASP.NET forum, not the ASP forum.

4. It would be a client-side function in any case, so the server-side language doesn't matter. You should post in the HTML/JavaScript/CSS forum for this:

5. But don't, because if you did I'd simply post to tell you to search [search] "bookmark this page" scripts[/search].