hey guys

i have web project and crystal is part in it. all is working fine, my project is finsihed and the crystal are working good in my pc.

when i take a copy of my project and past it in another pc, it worked fine but the crystal didnt work.

i am facing this problem

the missing ddls

So i made a new setup project in my web application in order to take the merge modules and put them on another pc so that crystal run.

i download the needed merge modules for crytal report in vs 2003.

i added the needed 7 merge modules and i build the setup project.

now guys the problem i face is where to install this setup project in the other such as same folder of my web project in the iis or should i install it on another place.

i am facing this problem, plz any help will be great.


guys i found the answers

u need to setup the setup.exe in any place in the server and then the .net framework assembly will be updated with the new dlls.

i try it.
the importance is entering the needed merge modules and the correct serial number for the VS.NET