Hi all,

I would like to provide some features to the users when they are uploading their images in my site. For example once the user uploaded their image into the site. They have options to change the image as following.

convert the image to black & white.
Invert the image into vertically and horizantally
raise and decrease the brightness of the image

Please help me if anyone have ideas in this.


Take a look at the GD image library functions. Its installed on most PHP servers...


It can do all that you mentioned. The alternative is PHP Imagemagick Lib, but not as supported.

If you want to do that on the browser without making calls back to the PHP server you may have to use Flash or SVG. Flash is the more supported, those SVG is the standard to work towards, and support is gaining.

SVG: http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/

Unfortunately Adobe is discontinuing its support for SVG (since its got Flash) so it may not pan out after all..

I'm not sure if plain JS can accomplish what you want on the browser, but it would be interesting to take a look into...

You may try looking into the open source galleries, to see how they do their Image cropping, rotating, etc. I think I saw Coppermine or Gallery doing this stuff with just JS.. might be wrong though.


Hello Digital-Ether,

Thanks for your reply. I have been working now in image functionalities. But it seems to be little bit difficulty. Anyway I give my thanks to you for answer my continous questions. I have searched in the open source but its not found like i expected.


Hello Digital-Ether,

Sorry for not reply quickly.... Ya i want to manipulate the images on server side.. For example if the user press the button to change a color image to black and white image then the process are carried out by server and return to the browser.....