Hi all!

I would like some help for getting a value out of a selected row of a datagrid.

To do this i used the following code but it returns an empty string
(DG is my datagrid)

string val = DG.SelectedItem.Cells[1].Text;

The rouput of this its: **
although there is a value on the cell.
The datagrid is created and filled in the Page_Load when !Page.IsPostBack and the above code is called when a button is pressed.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Cells are zero baseed so the first cell is Cell[0]. Cell[1] is the second column. Maybe that's your issue?

No unfortunately its not this. I have tried to display something using all the indexes but it doesn work.
In the select event I have also tried using:
e.Item.Cells[1].Text; and yet again its displayed empy.
Any ideas?

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I found the solution:

string val = ((Label)DG.SelectedItem.Cells[1].FindControl("id")).Text;

I found the solution:

string val = ((Label)DG.SelectedItem.Cells[1].FindControl("id")).Text;

here is how.

this is the event function

private void Select_myDataGrid(object source, System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs e)
lblLabel.Text = e.Item.Cells[1].Text;


it tested it and it worked like a charm.:)

Try This may this will work

int Rowcount = dgTicket.Rows.Count ;

this.dgTicket.Rows[Rowcount].Cells[1].Text;// add the array item of //which column do u want the text
just add this two lines of code may this will work it out..

how to insert the value to the datagrid view

how to insert the value to the datagrid view

hi spoorti you can insert the values into into data grid by simple sql command...there are multiple ways to insert the values
simple one is to bind the datasource.

can u show me the exact code what u have written for that i can help you...