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I need a help from you all ,I have a big problem right now I am developing a stock market related site where I have to calculate XIRR return of investment and this is in built function of excel So wht I want is to take data from sql server insert that data in excel file there i want to calculate XIRR formula and then again retrive data from that excel and put it in again in sql server. I try to make that XIRR Function in sql server but it is taking too much time to execute.

Please can anybody helo me in this matter ??

Thanks well in advance.

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Jatin Surati

If you knwo the VBA, ou can create a macro in EXCEL and when ever the data is entered into a specified columns then the macro calculates te IRR and put it back into a specified cell. And you can get the data again from the EXCEL sheet using the ASP.

Hello Muhammad Saqib,

Thank you for your kind intrest in my problem, now We try by macro but with asp we are not able to do this,Can you show me some sample site where this code is available?

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