I am trying to setup scheduled tasks using the ColdFusion administrators page. These scheduled tasks send out email notifications. They work when I run them in IE, however not through the scheduled task. When I manually run the scheduled task, I am told it ran successfully, however I do dont recieve the email notifications as I do when I run it through IE. Has anyone seen this before?[/

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You may want to check your log files in the CF Administrator. This should give you an idea as to what could be going wrong.

Secondly, are you setting the schedule remotely using a web page. If so check to see if the is in fact set in the CF Administrator.


Ok i will give that a shot, i have it outputing to a txt file and it says connection failure, but from the administrator it says successful.


Sounds like you are using a login screen for the template. When you run the job from the browser, you are behind your security. The scheduler will need a username & password for the login, lower part of your scheduler edit page.

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