Is there any possible way to remove a query string without redirecting to another page? You see, my problem is I am using panels, when the create new button is clicked, it gives the querystring of "?JobID=New" now when I click on another button (which simply hides the current panel and makes another visible), the query string is still there. I have tried Request.QueryString.Remove and Request.QueryString.Clear but it says it is read only, is there any possible way to remove it?

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I just researched a little. It's not possible :).

Yes it is possible Slade.

You need to ask yourself, how did the querystring get there?

A URL is read only yes, so you cannot "edit" it through commands on the server.

Just think about it a bit.. you got the querystring when you submitted the form...

i reaserched it and there is only one way to remove request query string ,redirect on same page without querystring

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